Research and development

From research to industry

Knowledge transfer from the university to industry has played a central role ever since e-nema was founded. Starting as a spin-off from the Department of Biotechnology and Biological Control of the Institute of Phytopathology at the University of Kiel, the company optimised the process of liquid cultivation of insect-pathogenic nematodes developed there and implemented their production on an industrial scale.

Experts in biological process optimisation

Through the further development of biological process optimisation, today e-nema is an expert in producing microorganisms on an industrial scale. As the nematodes are produced live in close association with certain bacteria and fungi, it was and is also essential to look at the industrial production of these specific microorganisms to drive forward the production processes of insect-pathogenic nematodes.

Experts in technical process optimisation

In parallel with biological process optimization, the technical means to produce nematodes, and the relevant microorganisms, on an industrial scale was also further developed. Increasing knowledge about how to produce these various organisms brought with it an expansion in the company's technical equipment, which now includes many bioreactors with different volumes.

Knowledge and technology transfer

Besides research into existing and new products offered by e-nema itself, contract production brings with it additional focal areas of research. As it has the best technical resources, e-nema is able to offer its production facilities to other research institutes. The organisms produced under contract come from the area of biological plant protection, which e-nema is familiar with, as well as completely different research paths such as biocatalysis and aquaculture. e-nema's know-how enables production processes to be developed, executed and optimised in close collaboration with the client.