From liquid to powder

dryingTo remove water and to preserve the products, we use our range of drying equipment. Liquids can be concentrated using a falling-film evaporator and our rotary evaporator is used for distillation.


We can spray dry on a laboratory scale, a pilot scale and on an industrial scale. Our fluidized bed dryers are mainly suitable for drying moist granules. We have laboratory, technical scale and industrial scale models. The lab-scale dryer can be used with a dual-fluid-nozzle to agglomerate powder with a liquid binder.

Our laboratory dryer can also be used with a dual-feed nozzle, enabling it to be used for spray granulation. Both, our laboratory dryer and our fluidized bed dryer have suitable low-pressure extruders that produce a moist granulate with a 1 mm diameter.

For delicate drying tasks, we also have sveral freeze dryers.