Laboratory, pilot and production scale fermenters

Fermentation3We currently have several small-scale bioreactors with volumes up to 30 litres. They are equipped with assorted stirring systems to study the impact of the stirring system on the culture. On a pilot scale, we have different bioreactors with capacities up to 500 litres. Finally, on a production scale, we can choose among various bioreactors with capacities up to 100,000 litres.

Fermentation4Besides standard Rushton turbines, some of our bioreactors are equipped with internal-loop cylinders and others with Intermig stirrers. In addition, we have an air-lift fermenter. The various stirring systems allow us to produce a wide range of organisms. In particular, we use the low-shear stirring systems to produce larger organisms (such as nematodes).

All our fermenters are equipped with a computerised control and monitoring system, and we store the data generated by all our fermenters in a central database.