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Control pests on the terrace and in the cellar

Even in areas where they do not directly destroy plants, insects can become real troublemakers. We are talking about ants and woodlice. These uninvited guests can also be controlled or driven away with nematodes on terraces and in the house.

Evict ants with nematodes

Over 13,000 species of ants are known worldwide. In Germany, about 115 species are found. Commonly found in our gardens and on lawns are the black path ant (Lasius Niger), the yellow meadow ant (Lasius flavus) and the red garden ant (Myrmica rubra).

Ants prefer to lay their nests in dry, uncultivated soil. They are found under patios, on stone walls, in planters, and on lawns. They rumple the soil, destroying its structure and thus impairing plant growth.

What can I do against ants?

nemaplus® Ameisenfrei contains nematodes of the species Steinernema feltiae. These nematodes are natural enemies of ants. Therefore ants avoid soils treated with nematodes and move their nests to more distant areas. Simply pour nemaplus® ameisenfrei into nests and passages with plenty of water. nemaplus® ameisenfrei is especially suitable for terraces and paved areas as well as greenhouses, plant pots and balcony boxes.

Also on lawns nemaplus® Ameisenfrei must be poured directly into the nests. When poured over the entire lawn area, the nematodes do not get deep enough into the soil to reach the nests.

To use the nematodes in a targeted manner in the fight against ants on the patio, the nemaplus® ameisenfrei set is suitable, which also contains a syringe in addition to the beneficial insects. After mixing, the nematode suspension can simply be drawn up with the help of this syringe and can then be injected very precisely into the holes of the ants.



Nematodes against ants

nemaplus® Ameisenfrei

Evict ants from your balcony and garden with nematodes

nemaplus® Ameisenfrei

Control woodlice with nematodes

Woodlice grow up to 20 mm long, have an oval, flat body and are gray to brown-gray in color. They are one of the uninvited guests in the cellar. Stored supplies, such as apples and potatoes, are visited by them. Woodlice can also cause damage in the greenhouse by eating seedlings and young plants.

What can I do against woodlice?

With our product Asselfrei the pests can be reliably eliminated. The trap consists of a wooden box with two openings, which is filled with a bait mixture containing nematodes of the species Steinernema carpocapsae. The isopods are attracted by the bait and crawl into the trap. During their stay in the trap, they ingest the nematodes. After 14 days, the number of woodlice is significantly reduced.

Product against woodlice


Fight woodlice with our nematode trap


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