Fresh, healthy and natural: vegetables from one's own garden are the pride of every hobby gardener and taste especially good. But the joy of the harvest is quickly spoiled when pests and their larvae attack the plants.

Harmful larvae and pupae on vegetable plants

Whether cabbage plants, potatoes, tomatoes, onion plants, asparagus, beans or carrots - in vegetable growing there are many pests that can cause considerable damage to the plants. Feeding on roots, stems, cotyledons and other plant parts leads to poor growth, loss of quality and, in the worst case, even premature death of the plant. The nematode products nema-care® and nemastar® protect your vegetable plants against the insect pests that frequently occur in the vegetable patch, and do so purely biologically.

Control of mole crickets and cutworms with nematodes

Both the juveniles of the mole crickets and the cutworms can be controlled well with useful nematodes of the species Steinernema carpocapsae, which are contained in our product nemastar®. The nematodes penetrate the pests, excrete a symbiotic bacterium and thus kill the infested insects. In the dead pests, the nematodes multiply and infest new hosts after 2-3 weeks.

Control other pests in the vegetable patch with nema-care®

Besides mole crickets, there are other pests that can cause considerable damage to cabbage plants, potatoes, tomatoes, onion plants, asparagus, beans, carrots and other vegetable plants, both in the adult and larval stages.

Our product nema-care® is effective against several plant pests in the vegetable patch. It contains useful nematodes of the genus Steinernema, with which the larvae of the onion leaf miner moth, carrot fly and co. can be controlled biologically, effectively and sustainably. After being introduced into the soil, the beneficial insects seek out the larvae of the insect pests, penetrate them and excrete a symbiotic bacterium in the host. While the infested pest dies after 2-3 days, the nematodes continue to multiply in the dead larva until they finally infest the next host. This process repeats until there are no more pests. Depending on which pest is to be controlled in the vegetable garden, the nema-care® nematode product is used from April to September.


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