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Control ants with nematodes

Our product nemaplus® Ameisenfrei contains nematodes of the species Steinernema feltiae. These are natural enemies of ants. In direct contact, they kill both queens and workers. Therefore, ants avoid the treated soil and ant nests. With nemaplus® Ameisenfrei ants can be controlled or driven away biologically, sustainably and effectively. The application is completely safe for humans, pets and plants.

Application of nemaplus® Ameisenfrei

Simply pour nemaplus® Ameisenfrei with plenty of water into nests and passages. nemaplus® Ameisenfrei is especially suitable for terraces and paved areas as well as greenhouses, plant pots and balcony boxes.

Also on lawns nemaplus® Ameisenfrei must be poured directly into the nests. When poured over the entire lawn area, the nematodes do not get deep enough into the soil to reach the nests.

To use the nematodes in a targeted manner in the fight against ants on the patio, the nemaplus® ant-free set is suitable, which also contains a syringe in addition to the beneficial insects. After mixing, the nematode suspension can simply be drawn up with the help of this syringe and can then be injected very precisely into the holes of the ants.

To control ant colonies that extend along a house wall, it is recommended to use a watering can with an application rate of 5 million nematodes per 2 linear meters.

In order to remain permanently ant-free, the treatment with nemaplus® Ameisenfrei should be repeated after six weeks. Overdosing is not possible.

In any case, the product should not be watered in sunshine, as the nematodes are sensitive to drying out and UV radiation. If the soil is very dry, it is recommended to pre-water it slightly and also afterwards the soil should not dry out.

Application time: April - October

nemaplus® Ameisenfrei in use

Advantages of nemaplus® Ameisenfrei

  • 100% Organic
  • Lasting effect
  • No formation of resistance
  • No microplastic
  • High effectiveness
  • Nematodes directly from the manufacturer

nemaplus® Ameisenfrei

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