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Control cockchafer grubs with nematodes

nema-green® cockchafer contains a mixture of the two nematode genera Heterorhabditis and Steinernema, especially suitable for biological control of cockchafer grubs.

Which stages of the cockchafer can be controlled with nematodes?

Basically, control is difficult. The best to control cockchafer grubs are in the 1st larval stage. The smaller the grubs are, the better the effect. Under favorable conditions, up to 50% of the grubs can be killed.

If you do not know exactly which grub you are dealing with, use our free identification service.

Mode of action of nema-green® cockchafer

With nema-green® cockchafer, cockchafer grubs on lawns can be controlled biologically, effectively and sustainably - without danger to people, pets and plants. nema-green® contains beneficial nematodes that penetrate the living grubs and secrete their biological bacterium, causing the pest to die after two to three days. The nematodes reproduce in the dead hosts, leaving them after about two weeks and seeking new, living hosts. This process continues until the number of pests is greatly reduced.

Application of nema-green®

It is best to choose an overcast or rainy day for the application of the nematode liquid. The ideal season for controlling grubs with nematodes is from July to September. First, stir the bag contents of nema-green® cokchafer well into water as described on the inside of the package. If a smaller lawn is infested, a standard watering can with a watering sprayer is very suitable. Use the liter measure in the watering can to make the desired concentration. After application, rain the nematode ends into the soil with the garden hose. In this way, you make it easier for the nematodes to penetrate the soil. Of course, this is not necessary when it is raining. For larger lawns we recommend the time and effort saving application with the nematode sprayer. This is connected to the garden hose and allows easy and even distribution. After treating the lawn with nema-green®, the soil must be kept moist for two weeks.

Application time

Two treatments should be carried out: the first in April/May against L2 stage grubs and a second in August/September against newly hatched L1 stage grubs. The treatment should be applied two years in a row.

The ideal application time for nema-green® cockchafer is when the soil temperature is above 12 °C for at least four hours a day.



Advantages nema-green® cockchafer

  • 100% Organic

  • Lasting effect

  • No formation of resistance

  • No microplastic

  • High effectiveness

  • Nematodes directly from the manufacturer

nema-green® cockchafer

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