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Ornamental Plants & Greenhouse

Our expert for ornamental plants and cultivation in greenhouses

Michael Ortmann

Tel.: +49(0)4307-82 95 152



Field vegetables and agriculture

Our expert for agriculture

Christina Wörz

Tel.: +49(0)4307-82 95 158


Fruit cultivation

Our expert for fruit cultivation

Ulrich Tiemann

Tel.: +49(0)4307-8295 154

Sports turf, public green and hobby gardening

Our expert for sports turf, public green and hobby gardening

Jan Burmeister

Tel.: 04307-82 95 153


Mushroom cultivation

Our expert for Mushroom cultivation

Ulrich Tiemann

Tel.: +49(0)4307-8295 154

General questions about nematodes

Our product expert

Michael Barth

Tel.: +49(0)4307 8295-151