Biological plant protection products are a natural defense against pests in agriculture and horticulture. They are completely harmless to people, plants, and animals. Unlike with chemical substances, there is no risk of resistance development. Because of this, our products have a lasting effect.

Small creatures – large impact

The heart of our technology, the nematode, can be as small as 0.5 millimeters. Nematodes are one of the most diverse species on earth. They are at home in any conceivable habitat. The name nematode comes from the Greek "nema" ("thread"). Nematodes feed on plants, bacteria, fungi, and the larvae of insects. This is where we come in. The species of nematodes we breed target only specific insect larvae. At the same time, they are completely harmless to animals, plants, and people.

Natural enemies from the lab

We breed nematodes as natural enemies to multiple pests – and provide them to farmers and gardeners, ready to use. One such pest you are probably familiar with are scarab grubs. Scarab grubs feed on grass roots and are often the cause of damaged lawns or sports fields. Introduced with your watering water, our nematodes actively search for any existing scarab grubs as their hosts. After 2-3 days the targeted grubs are dead, and the nematodes move on to the next grub. This process continues until all host organisms are dead. No trace. No side effects. Completely natural.

Fermenter to farm

As simple and natural as our small allies – the nematodes – are, as complex is the process of breeding them. It took years and years of research until we were able to cultivate nematodes at a larger scale. Translating the scientific knowledge into an industrial process requires substantial knowledge of various fermentation processes and bioreactor control. Our fermenters hold between 0.5 and 90,000 liters. At our production site in Kiel, we run various sterile processes over a period of two weeks – few producers around the world share this expertise.

Our research and close collaboration with scientific institutes and universities around the world help broaden the area of application and improve the efficiency of natural plant protection. We improve the quality of plant protection products and increase the knowledge in the field of environmentally responsible plant protection. Knowledge, from which we all profit. Plants, animals, and people.



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