For over 25 years, we at e-nema have been producing nematodes for biological plant protection on an industrial scale. Our daily drive is the vision of a future in which humans and nature live in harmony and the use of chemical pesticides is completely replaced by biological alternatives. To make this vision a reality, effective and natural alternatives are needed in sufficient quantities. For this reason, we are investing many resources in research and the expansion of our production capacities. The road to sustainable and fair food production is long, we are convinced that it is worth taking.


Our nematodes control pests all over the world in many different crops with many different requirements. In order to achieve the best possible effect for each field of application, we offer a broad nematode product portfolio. We draw on over 25 years of experience in nematode research and production. In addition to different types of nematodes, we also offer different formulations in order to respond optimally to the needs of the user.

Nematodes in clay mineral powder

Nematodes in clay mineral powder, or diatomaceous earth, are the classic in our product portfolio and are used in many different areas. The diatomaceous earth binds moisture and thus provides a comfortable environment in which our nematodes survive for several weeks. The powder with the nematodes is dissolved in water and applied with the irrigation system. Among others, our products nemaplus®, nematop®, nemycel®, nemapom®, nema-green® and nemamax® are based on this formulation and are used very successfully in practice.

nematoden pulver hand

Nematodes in Alginate-capsules

In cooperation with the company Katz Biotech, we have developed the patented formulation of nematodes in alginate capsules. The great advantage of this formulation is its preventive effect. The capsules can already be inserted into the substrate when potting the crops and thus combat pests such as fungus gnats at an early stage, before any damage can occur. We offer this innovative technology in our product nemaplus® Depot P.

nematoden kapseln

Nematodes in gel

In addition, we also offer our nematodes in a water-soluble gel based on polyacrylate. The gel has the advantage over the powder that no optical residues remain on the leaves of the plants. This is essential for producers of ornamental plants. Our products nemaflor® F and nemaflor® C, as well as our weevil trap are based on the gel formulation.

nematoden gel


nemaplus® | Downloads

Nematodes of the species Steinernema feltiae against fungus gnats (Bradysia spp.)

product sheet nemaplus®

safety data sheet nemaplus®

application note nemaplus® 50, 250 and 500 mio

nemastar® | Downloads

Nematodes of the species Steinernema carpocapsae against leatherjackets (Tipula paludosa), Mole crickets (Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa) und cutworms.


product sheet nemastar® Capnodis

poduct sheet nemastar® Leatherjacket

safety data sheet nemastar®

application note nemastar® 50-500 mio

application note nemastar® against red palm weevil

nematop® | Downloads

Nematodes of the species Heterorhabditis bacteriophora against black vine weevil larvae.


product sheet nematop®

safety data sheet nematop®

application note nematop® 50 mio

application note nematop® 500 mio

nema-care® | Downloads

application note nema-care®

Safety data sheet nema-care®

nema-green® | Downloads

Nematodes of the species Heterorhabditis bacteriophora against white grubs in turf.


product sheet nema-green®

safety data sheet nema-green®

application note nema-green® 5-50 mio

application note nema-green® 500 mio

application tips nema-green® 500 mio

nemaflor® | Downloads

Nematodes of the Steinernema genus in a gel formulation.

nemaflor F® = Steinernema feltiae nematodes

nemaflor C® = Steinernema carpocapsae nematodes


product sheet nemaflor®

application note nemaflor® 50 and 250 mio

application note nemaflor® 250 mio

Safety data sheet nemaflor F®

Safety data sheet nemaflor C®


nemaplus® Depot P | Downloads

Nematodes of the species Steinernema feltiae embedded in alginate capsules for a preventive and ressource saving control of fungus gnats.


safety data sheet nemaplus® depot

application note nemaplus® depot P

technical data sheet nemaplus® depot P

Product sheet nemaplus® depot P

nemaplus® depot P Website

dianem® | Downloads

Nematodes of the species Heterorhabditis bacteriophora against the western corn rootworm (Diabrotica virgifera)


product sheet dianem®

safety data sheet dianem®

application note dianem®

technical data sheet dianem®



nemamax® | Downloads

Nematodes of the species Heterorhabditis downesi against black vine weevil larvae and white grubs in colder soil temperatures from 8° C.


product sheet nemamax®

safety data sheet nemamax®

application note nemamax® 5, 10, 25 and 50 mio

application note nemamax® 50 and 250 mio

technical data sheet nemamax®

nema-green® Cockchafer | Downloads

Nematodes of the genus Heterorhabditis and Steinernema against cockchafer grubs (Melolontha melolontha)


Safety Data Sheet nema-green® Cockchafer

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