In many european countries, the oak processionary moth (Thaumetopoea processionea) has spread in recent years. While the moth is completely harmless, its caterpillars have become a real nuisance. The caterpillars, which can grow up to five centimeters long, eat the leaves and crowns of their host trees bare. Their fine stinging hairs, which contain the protein thaumetopoein, can cause caterpillar dermatitis in humans.

The responsible local authorities are therefore called upon to take action, especially in the vicinity of settlements, sports fields and other public places. Nematodes are an effective and targeted measure here, as they only affect the caterpillar fauna for a few hours. Tp-Nema® is applied to infested trees in the evening or at night using a spray gun. Nematodes are effective up to and including the third larval stage, i.e. until around the end of May. To achieve a lasting effect, the treatment should be repeated after two weeks.

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