Lawn and turf

Pests on golf courses, sports fields and public green spaces

The most common pests on golf courses and sports fields are white grubs, crane flies and cutworms. All three can be controlled using nematodes. nema-green® can be used against white grubs, and nemastar® against crane flies and cutworms. It is crucial that the pest is determined. If you are unsure, simply send the pests to e-nema (see Service).

Figure 1: Lifecycle Garden Chafer

Application quantities

5 billion nematodes are required per hectare of grass, equivalent to ten packs of 500 million. One pack weighs approx. 1 kg and is the size of a small parcel. Packs are sent in insulated boxes with ice packs. Following delivery, keep the nematodes in the refrigerator or refrigerated storage room. You can keep them for a maximum of 6 weeks at 4-12 °C.


Figure 1: White grubs infested with nematodes turn red

Figure 2: White grubs infested with nematodes turn red

Temperatures of above 12 °C and adequate soil moisture levels are required to ensure biological pest control is successful. On fairways and sports fields, the more water you use the better. On greens, caution should be exercised otherwise the nematodes will be washed too deeply into the soil. Get in touch with us if no sprinkling option exists.

The plant sprayer nozzles should have a minimum diameter of 0.8 mm. Remove all filters and sieves behind the nozzles. The nozzle design is of secondary importance provided it does not include deflectors. Nematodes are affected more by shearing forces and less by pressure (maximum pressure is 5 bar).

Lifecycle Leatherjacket

Figure 3: Lifecycle Leatherjacket

Onsite consulting

We would be delighted to visit you and advise you at your sports field or golf course. As we do not have an external sales force, we ask for your understanding if we visit you during the season. Please contact your e-nema distributor to arrange a visit.