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White grubs

Controlling white grubs on golf courses and sports fields

White grubs are the larvae of the scarab beetle. Three species are predominantly found in grass: the garden chafer, the June beetle and the Welsh beetle. nema-green® can be used against all three, but at different times. As such, the species must first be determined. Multiple species can be found at the same time on golf courses. To determine the species, either use the identification key on this website or send the larvae to e-nema.

Garden chafer

Treatment with nema-green® at the right time and under optimum conditions can kill 90% of the white grubs, and the effect increases continuously over a period of 6 weeks. Dead grubs turn red and are easy to differentiate from the living ones. After two weeks, 30% of the grubs should be dead with a subsequent increase in death rate (see figure).

Figure 1: Strengthening of the effect following nematode application

Figure 1: Increase effect with time following nematode application

Figure 2: Monitoring beetle flight using garden chafer beetle traps

Figure 2: Monitoring beetle flight using garden chafer beetle traps

To ensure the nematodes move around in the soil and infect the white grubs, the soil must be damp. On golf courses with no fairway sprinkling, dry phases can be bridged using a water tank or sprinkler.


Figure 3: Applying nema-green® on the golf course

Figure 3: Applying nema-green® on the golf course

Immerse the nematodes in water and apply using a plant sprayer. Immediately after doing this, water them into the soil using 2-5 litres per hectare. This is the only effective way to ensure that all nematodes reach the root system. Alternatively, apply during heavy rain. The early evening is preferable to the early morning for application.

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