Tree nurseries

Use of nematodes in tree nurseries and on soft fruits

Vine weevil and white grubs

The key pest for tree nurseries and soft fruit is the black vine weevil, Otiorhynchus sulcatus. In addition, other species of weevil such as O. ovatus, O. crataegi and O. armadillo are increasing in occurrence. With only a few exceptions, they are also vulnerable to nematop®, Heterorhabditis bacteriophora. Garden chafer and cockchafer grubs also occur in strawberry beds.

Figure 1: Lifecycle Black Vine Weevil


nematop® is only effective against larvae and pupae, and can therefore be applied during April and May and from August to the start of October. The soil temperature should be above 12 °C by day. Cooler night temperatures do not damage the nematodes; rather, they are inactive during this time. nematop® cool can be used in March and October as it is effective from soil temperatures of between 8-12 °C.


Figure 2: Young plants being dipped into a suspension of nematodes

Figure 2: Young plants being dipped into a suspension of nematodes

nematop® can be applied using a plant sprayer, shower, cart sprayer, irrigation trolley, by dipping or through drip irrigation. Apply 500,000 nematodes per m² for soil, 10,000 nematodes per litre of soil for container cultures and 25,000 nematodes per plant for strawberries. Water in the nematodes using 1 litre per m² within 30 minutes of application. Keep treated areas damp for 3 weeks.

nematop® Käfer-Stopp (Weevil-Stop)

DPMA Patent No. 10 2009 053902

nematop Käfer-Stop (Weevil-Stop) trapnematop® Käfer-Stopp contents 2.5 million insect-pathogenic nematodes of the species Steinernema carpocapsae for the control of adult black vine weevils (Otiorhynchus sulcatus). The nematodes are bedded in 20 g of gel, which is pressed into the grooves of the specially designed wooden board. The nematodes remain active for at least 6 weeks.


Adult vine weevils feed on plants from Mai to September. For control simply place nematop® Käfer-Stopp openings facedown near the attacked shrubs or plants. It is possible but not necessary to relocate the board within the application period. Irrigate before placing the board if the soil is dry. Keep the board moist (rain or irrigation from the top is sufficient). One board will reach for 10 m².