Vegetable and herb cultivation

Use of nematodes in vegetables and herbs

nemastar® can control cutworms (Agrotis spp.) in the open field and above-ground feeding caterpillars in the greenhouse. nemaplus® and nemaflor® are effective against thrips and fungus gnats. With the exception of cutworms and fungus gnats, the nematodes are applied to the leaves. Spray a small dosage weekly or fortnightly ideally during the evenings. Following that, ensure the plants remain damp for three hours.


Water using 1,000 litres per hectare from April or as soon as the first caterpillars are spotted. Water in the nematodes using 1 litre per m² within 30 minutes of application. Keep treated areas damp for 3 weeks. The soil temperature should be at least 14 °C in the daytime.

Other caterpillars (tomato leafminer, grass moth, banana moth)

Tuta absoluta

Figure 1: Tuta absoluta

Caterpillars eat the parts of the plant above the ground and produce many generations each year. nemastar® should therefore be sprayed every 10-14 days, 4-5 times during the season. Apply 125,000-250,000 nematodes per m² or 1 million nematodes per litre of spray mixture. Ideally, spray the plants shortly before draining. The outside air temperature should be above 14 °C by day.

Thrips (Frankliniella occidentalis)

Thrips Frankliniella

Figure 2: Thrips Frankliniella

Spray 250,000 nematodes per m² using at least 100ml water per m² until the water starts to drip. Add a suitable wetting agent. Apply in the evening to utilise the higher air humidity for the nematodes. Apply weekly as the nematodes only infest the larvae and pupa present at the time of application.


Figure 3: LifecycleThrips