Media Release

e-nema GmbH, Monday, 25.10.2021

More than 970 biocontrol industry representatives gather at ABIM in Basel – a strong boost for our nature-based solutions.

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IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED: Microbial Plant Protection Products Task Force

e-nema GmbH, Wednesday, 20.10.2021

The Microbial Plant Protection Products Task Force is an ad-hoc group of a number of small and medium-sized producers of biological/microbial plant protection products, including e-nema GmbH.

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NEW: nemamax® for the home and garden

e-nema GmbH, Tuesday, 12.10.2021

Beneficial nematodes for combating weevil and scarab beetle larvae.

Our new nemamax® nematode product contains the uniquely produced nematode Heterorhabditis downesi. Unlike other nematode products, it can be used at temperatures as low as 8°C.

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