Biological pest control - what is it?

e-nema GmbH, Friday, 26.11.2021

Biological control (or ‘biocontrol’) is the use of living organisms and naturally-sourced (or nature-identical) compounds to control pest and disease populations.

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IPM Popillia - Integrated Pest Management of Japanese Beetle

e-nema GmbH, Tuesday, 09.11.2021

The aim of the EU-project IPM-Popillia is to address the challenge of a new risk to plant health in Europe, the invasion of the Japanese beetle (Popillia japonica).

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EU Project against damaging Fruit Flies

e-nema GmbH, Thursday, 04.11.2021

The EU-funded research project FF-IPM aims to protect fruit production and trade from threats posed by fruit flies.

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Microbiological Plant Protection Task Force - Position Paper -

e-nema GmbH, Wednesday, 03.11.2021

In May 2021, when the few microbiological plant protection products that are already available on the market were threatened with removal, the affected companies (including e-nema GmbH) established a Task Force.
The problem: Despite the fact that the products have been classified as safe by the European Commission, an approval extension requires delivery of data that is typical for chemical products but which is difficult or even impossible for biological products to make available.

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