nemamax® - Sustainable protection for your plants

e-nema GmbH, Monday, 21.02.2022

nemamax® is based on beneficial nematodes and effectively controls weevil larvae and leaf horn weevil larvae.

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Severe consequences

e-nema GmbH, Friday, 18.02.2022

385 million people around the world suffer pesticide poisoning - per year.
An international code of conduct of the World Health Organization is intended to improve the worldwide handling of pesticides and prevent poisoning. But in the absence of legislation, little is happening.

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e-nema GmbH, Thursday, 10.02.2022

The IBMA (International Biocontrol Manufactors Association) has drafted
a position paper on potential harmonisation of regulation of Invertebrate Biological Control Agents.

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Registration process - Green light for risks

e-nema GmbH, Friday, 04.02.2022

In the registration process for chemical pesticides, impacts on the environment are not sufficiently assessed:

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