Biocontrol agent dianem® wins international award

Our biological plant protection product dianem® has just won the Bernhard Blum Award. This award is presented annually by IBMA, the International biocontrol manufacturers association, to the most innovative biocontrol product of the year.
The product dianem® contains a genetically improved strain of beneficial nematodes against the Western Corn Rootworm and replaces chemical pesticides banned by the EU.

The Western Corn Rootworm, an invasive pest, is spreading continuously in Europe causing great damage to maize cultivation. Its natural enemies contained in the product dianem® are genetically improved beneficial nematodes which are used to control the larvae.

dianem® replaces neonicotionoid seed treatment and achieves the same or higher effectiveness compared to standard chemical pesticides (granulated pyrethroids).
The product costs correspond to those of synthetic insecticides.

“By adaptation of application technology and breeding for higher virulence and field persistence we were able to reduce the application rate to 1 billion nematodes per ha.
Using the economies of scale in production we were further able to offer this product at competitive costs.”,  says Prof. Dr. Ehlers, head of the research department at e-nema.

Prof Ehlers enema

Prof. Dr. Ehlers and his team have won the Bernhard Blum Award


Read more about the product dianem®: Improved EPN against Diabrotica (PDF)