Competition for the best bioreactor

Researchers from the Technical University of Dresden (Germany) have sent a special challenge to all bioprocess engineering students: How to build a bioreactor with a mini-budget of just € 99. e-nema GmbH is one of the sponsors of this original competition.

A bioreactor, often referred to as a fermenter, is a container in which certain organisms (e.g. nematodes, bacteria, fungi) are cultured under as optimal conditions as possible.

Bioreaktor bei e nema

Photos: k-film, Michael Kottmeier

The competition has been running for several years and has produced original designs: old PC cases, cola bottles, a seesaw or an inverted bucket decorated with tubes like a Christmas tree. The aim of this year's task is to design a bioreactor for the cultivation of Vibrio natriegens, a marine bacterium with a remarkably fast rate of division.


At e-nema GmbH there are bioreactors of different sizes in which nematodes, fungi and bacteria are cultivated.
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