e-nema takes part in development of a new monitoring system for bioreactors

Research & Development

Dr. Arne Peters and his production team are testing a new, free-moving pea-size measuring bead under industrial conditions in their bioreactors.
e-nema is project partner and industry tester in the project Sens-o-Spheres, a project from the area of bio-economy.

sens o spheres

Engineers from the research group of SmartLab of TU Dresden (Germany) have developed the mobile measuring system called Sens-o Spheres - less than 8 mm sized sensor beads for temperature measurement in bioreactors from ml up to m3 scale.

The innovation consists in the mobility of the wireless beads inside the bioreactor which hence allows online data acquisition from all areas.
Sens-o-Spheres can acquire data from areas thus far inaccessible and transfer the readings wirelessly and continuously to a central base station.
The innovative sensor technology can significantly improve the control of bioprocesses.