Early close season

Because of the corona crisis there are no competitions and our german national beach volleyball team Nils Ehlers / Lars Flüggen is currently in close season.

How are the guys?

The duo from Hamburg is in great health and stays at home with its families. In this week, Nils and Lars will start their new build-up - unusual in summer….
They will start with individual training, but later, with a special permit, they will train at the beach volleyball court.

When will the next competition take place?

The date of the next tournament is entirely ambiguous.
The German Championship is still being planned in Timmendorfer Strand in early September.
Tournaments that are currently scheduled for July / August will most likely not take place.

What does this mean for their participation in the Olympic Games?

The Olympic Games have been postponed by exactly one year.
When the qualification period ends is currently entirely ambiguous.
Further qualification tournaments may already take place in autumn.

What's the future like?

Clear announcement:

The Olympic Games are and remain the big goal of our athletes.
They try to make the best of the situation and hope that they can take advantage of the longer preparation time.

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Nils Ehlers

Nils Ehlers


Lars Flüggen

Lars Flüggen