Energy use and energy consumption


e-nema also focuses on to go easy on resources when it comes to energy consumption. Wherever savings are possible in the company, an energy audit reveals - an exact analysis of all energy consumers in the company. E-nema has undergone such an audit on a voluntary basis.

Energy use and energy consumption at e-nema GmbH

Those who use as little energy as possible protect the environment and at the same time save costs. This does not just apply to private households.
Businesses can also demonstrate social responsibility and reduce costs by reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Increasing operational energy efficiency is part of corporate social responsibility. Managing director Tillmann Frank had decided for various reasons for the certification according to DIN EN 16247 and the introduction of an energy management:

"Taking on social responsibility and promoting environmentally responsible behavior does not just apply to the private sphere. We think it is important to live a careful use of energy resources in the workplace and to sensitize the employees. In addition, through our certification, we guarantee our customers and business partners that we, as a supplier, are energy-efficient."

Savings potential of consumption costs for light sources is sometimes more than 50 percent. In addition, the heat from the production process in the company is to be reused and even heat office space in the neighborhood.
A solar system on the new building is currently being planned in order to make self-supply with electricity as CO2 neutral as possible.