International assistance for our research projects


Every year e-nema GmbH supports young scientists from all over the world during their studies. The students, primarily from the universities of Kiel and Ghent stay for 6 month to gain deep insight into the areas of microbiology, biotechnology and nematology.

At the moment several students from master courses of nematology and agrigenomics are with us. They will support e-nema projects such as optimization of biotechnical production procedures for nematodes or improvements of breeding nematodes concerning their resting time in the soil. Finally they will write their master thesis about this project work.

We are involved with the university of Ghent (Belgium) by our professor Mr. Ehlers. At Ghent, he gives lectures about entomopathogenic nematodes. These beneficial nematodes are specialized on insects and produced at e-nema GmbH for application in biological pest control.

Our this year's students are enrolled at the university of Ghent. Nevertheless, their homelands are considerably far away: Cameroon, India, Nepal, Ethiopia and Brazil.