MoPlaSa: Nematodes against the seabuckthorn fruit fly


The seabuckthorn vitamin C bomb is at great risk. Especially in the east of Germany there are high losses due to the ever-expanding seabuckthorn fruit fly (Rhagoletis batava).

In the EU project MoPlaSa (Development of a module-based crop protection strategy taking into account sustainable and environmentally friendly methods for controlling the seabuckthorn fruit fly), various approaches to the fight against the seabuckthorn fruit fly are examined.

Including the use of one of their natural enemies: Nematodes.

e-nema GmbH is an active partner in this project.
Kirsten Beilstein and Dr. Bart Vandenbossche are experts in the field of nematode research and want to find out how our nematodes can be used in the fight against the seabuckthorn fruit fly.

enema Research

Dr. Bart Vandenbossche and Kirsten Beilstein


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Funding of the project:

European Innovation Partnership "Agricultural productivity and Sustainability"