Nematodes against european leaf miner in chinese leaf

Research & Development

In springtime we got a call from a leader of the European Chinese Leaf market. The European leaf miner (Scaptomyza flava) had attacked wide areas of his Chinese Leaf fields.

nematoden gegen minierfliege

The larva of this pest eats mines into the Chinese leaves. This can result in big damage and reduction in quality. In Europe, the leaf miner is continuously expanding and there are very few possibilities of chemical control.

For examination, the producer send us Chinese Leaf attacked by the european leaf miner.

After isolation of the larvae, Dr. Bart Vandenbossche (- Photo - by MvW Photographie -) contaminated  the larvae with different kinds of nematodes.

The nematode Steinernema feltiae answered his expectation, the nematode penetrated the larvae immediately and killed them within a short time.

The attached video is produced by Prof. Dr. Urs Wyss ( It shows an opened larva of the european leaf miner which has been killed by the nematode Steinernema feltiae.

After offering a positive summary of this trials, Prof. Dr. Ralf-Udo Ehlers developed exact application instructions for this case and our product nemaplus® with Steinernema feltiae was send to the producer of Chinese cabbage.

After a short time we got positive feedback: our nematode has been successful in biocontrol of the European leaf miner (Scaptomyza flava) in Chinese Leaf.