Nematologists-to-be came to see e-nema GmbH

Recently, an international group of young scientists came to see e-nema GmbH. Professor Ehlers had invited his students from Ghent (Belgium) to get an impression of a biotechnology enterprise.

International – very interested – in a good mood

The students come from Ghent University where they study “International Master of Science in Agro- and Environmental Nematology”, a unique academic master program that brings together internationally renowned staff to train students in the broad field of Nematology and its many applications.
As visiting professor Prof. Ehlers lectures nematology courses at Ghent University. Every year he invites some of his students to do their master thesis at e-nema GmbH.

Gruppenfoto Studenten Ghent2

Professor Bert Wim, head of Nematology Research Group in Ghent, came along with the group to e-nema GmbH. Here our colleagues Dr. Carlos Molinas and Dr. Bart Vandenbossche cared about the students which come from Brazil, Cameroon, Ghana, Greece, Indonesia, Mozambique, Nepal, The Philippines, Rwanda, Tanzania, Thailand, Uganda, Vietnam and Zimbabwe.

The students took part of a behind-the-scenes tour to our operating area. After that our current master students presented their work to their classmates.

The exploratory visit was completed by a lunch in relaxed atmosphere. Some of the students will come back to e-nema GmbH to do their master thesis here.