New fermenters for the e-nema GmbH

Research & Development

Investment for the Future: The constant growth of our company is going on. We just build several new big bioreactors.

New fermenters for e-nema

e-nema is specialized in liquid culture technology producing different nematode species, bacteria and fungi for biological control and secondary metabolites of micro-organisms for food technology, cosmetic and aquaculture use. e-nema has commercially handled a lot of microorganisms, also as contract producer for biocontrol companies in Europe and overseas.

Bioreactor capacity of e-nema is from lab to industrial scale. Downstream processing equipment also exists in lab to industrial scale, like separators, decanter, filters, ion-exchange units, vacuum-drum filters, fluid-bed and spray dryers, lyophilisation, mixers, homogenisers, cross-flow units, film evaporators and other machines.

e-nema has microbial, biochemical laboratory equipped with microscopes, orbital shakers, HPLC, photometer, GC, luminometer, image analyser and several bioreactors for process optimization. e-nema is participating in different EU-funded and other R&D projects in biocontrol, white biotechnology and aquaculture.