New Photovoltaic System

In the spring of 2019, e-nema GmbH commissioned its own photovoltaic system with 99.75 kWp. Thus, depending on the weather conditions, about 100,000 kWh of electricity can be generated annually and thus a part of our total energy demand can be covered.

In the production of our biological crop protection products, a lot of energy has to be used in different forms. As we have committed ourselves to the protection of the environment, we have been intensifying our efforts for a long time to not only increase energy efficiency in production, but also to use climate-friendly energy sources as much as possible.

So it was logical to cover the power consumption as much as possible with renewable energy sources. After the demand had been converted to green electricity by the local utility in the first step, we put into operation this year a separate photovoltaic system with 99.75 kWp.

Tillmann Frank e nema3

Tillmann Frank, Geschäftsführer e-nema GmbH

"We had to redevelop the used roof before, so the installation was delayed," says our CEO Tillmann Frank. "As the legal framework is not very reliable, we first started with a smaller facility. But we already have the goal of producing as much of our electricity as possible ourselves."

Depending on the weather conditions, the system will generate around 100,000 kWh of electricity a year and thus cover part of our total energy demand.

Photovoltaik e nema3

MvW Photographie

For our planned new buildings, it is planned from the outset to provide the roofs with PV systems. However, as not inconsiderable energy consumption is generated at night by cooling or other production processes, the use of a combined heat and power plant based on biogas is currently being considered. It is important to reconcile generation and consumption in order to feed back as little energy as possible into the grid. Our existing production facilities have already been converted from heating oil to gas in 2013, and the next step towards biogas is also planned here.

As part of the energy audit, we are certified in accordance with DIN 16.247 and actively participate in the "Kiel Energy Region" energy efficiency network. As part of a funding project of the European Union (European Regional Development Fund in Schleswig-Holstein), we have set up a comprehensive energy management system and are currently continuing to work on a sustainable energy strategy.