Opening ceremony in the Netherlands


Sabrina Sieger and Michael Barth accepted an invitation from Lambert Spawn and traveled to the Netherlands for the opening ceremony of this large American mushroom brood producer.

Next to Amycel and Sylvan, Lambert Spawn is the third large breeder from the United States which breaks into the european market.

With our product nemycel® we are also active in this sector. nemycel® contains insect-pathogenic nematodes for biological control of mushroom sciarids.

Mushroom sciarids are one of the most dangerous pests in mushroom cultivation. Main damage is caused by the larvae feeding which can lead to significant crop losses. The nematodes in our product nemycel® are naturally occurring and preferentially infest larvae of mushroom sciarids.

enema bei Lambert2

Sabrina Sieger (Senior Sales Manager) and Michael Barth (Product Manager Mushrooms) - e-nema GmbH