Our nematodes are quite safe for pets


"Help, my dog rummaged through the garden shortly after I applied your nematodes. Can the nematodes be dangerous to my dog now?"

Our excited customer's call wasn't that far-fetched, because among the numerous species of nematodes, there are quite a few bad guys that are disease-causing worms that can wreak havoc on our pets.

But we were able to calm her down quickly, because no, the nematodes we produce are absolutely insect pathogenic, i.e. they are specialized exclusively on special insects and can also only use these specific insects for their nutrition and reproduction.

Even if they were to get into a dog's body, they would not cause any harm and would die anyway after a short time at temperatures above 35 degrees.

For humans, pets and the environment our nematodes are harmless.

Our nematodes are quite safe for pets

Office dog “Luke” watches the mixing of nematodes