Plants talk to microorganisms

This is what our two colleagues Dr. Christina Donat and Dr. Maria Touceda learned together with about 300 participants at the international symposium on "MICROBE-ASSISTED CROP PRODUCTION - OPPORTUNITIES, CHALLENGES & NEEDS". The symposium took place in Vienna in July this year.

This super exciting conference was about, among other things, the knowledge that plants talk to microorganisms, in a "Plantish" way. When plants are attacked by insects, they send signals (e.g. small RNA molecules) up to the root tips and from there into the soil to attract beneficial microorganisms ("Cry for Help" principle).

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And our colleagues finished the evenings with a nighttime visit to the Schönnbrunn Zoo and a wine tasting of young austrian wine.

Tina und Maria2

Dr. Christina Donat und Dr. Maria Touceda