Problem: fruit flies on the advance

We are an active partner in the EU-funded research project FF-IPM.
The project targets three highly polyphagous fruit fly species (Tephritidae)
that cause devastating losses in the fresh fruit producing industry.

  • Mediterranean fruit fly (Ceratitis capitata), a serious emerging pest in the northern temperate zones of Europe.
  • Oriental fruit fly (Bactrocera dorsalis) and
  • Peach fruit fly (e.g. zonata) two new (invasive) major pests which pose an imminent threat to European horticulture.

Great photos of the fruit flies


One of the aims of the project is to introduce integrated pest management approaches for new invasive fruit fly species.

Dr. Arne Peters (e-nema GmbH) and his team will provide their expert knowledge about entomopathogenic nematodes into the project.

They are conducting research into suitable formulations for nematodes used for biocontrol of fruit flies.

enema Dr Arne Peters

Dr. Arne Peters controls the production of nematodes in a bioreactor (Photo: k-film, Michael Kottmeier)


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