Red Palm Weevil - spontaneous operation at a holiday resort

Originally planned was a relaxed vacation at Portugal, faraway from his daily business with pests and nematodes. But then, in the garden of his holiday lodge, our Sales Manager Michael Barth discovered a Red Palm Weevil (lat. Rhynchophorus ferrugineus) in a palm tree.

Meanwhile, this beetle threatens the whole palm tree population at the Mediterranean coast. The larvae of the Red Palm Weevil burrow into the palm leaf and finally reach the heart of palm. There they develop an enormous destructive power, most of the palm trees die away by this attack.

Larva of a Red Palm Weevil bores a hole into a palm leaf

Palm tree with burrows by larvae of the Red Palm Weevil

Spontaneously, Michael Barth gave up his idea of a nice stay at the beach in favor of treating the palm tree with our beneficial nematodes. Delighted about the rescue of his tree, the owner of the holiday lodge will do periodic preventive treatments with nematodes to avert further damage by the Red Pam Weevil.

Our nematodes can be obtained in Portugal at and in Spain at

foto ausbringung nemastar palme