Successful: Silver Medal Beach Volleyball

The German championships in beach volleyball took place in Timmendorfer Strand from September 4th – 6th under special conditions.

On the one hand, due to the pandemic conditions, a maximum of 200 spectators were allowed on the grounds, which is nevertheless a highlight in view of this year's summer.

On the other hand, our national team Ehlers/Flüggen played in "interim occupation": Lars Flüggen was unfortunately injured and could not take any risks with regard to the Olympic qualification next year.

Eric Stadie stood in for him and showed a super performance together with Nils Ehlers. Result: Proud owners of the silver medal!

Now the last week of training is about to begin, from 15 - 20.09.2020 the last highlight of the season starts - the European Championship in Latvia.

This time at Nils' side: The young talent Lukas Pretzschner.

When will Lars Flüggen return? Nils and Lars still want to jump towards the Olympic Games in Tokyo. We keep our fingers crossed and wish Lars a speedy recovery!

Beachvolleyball Team2

Photo: private