Regulation on Sustainable Use of Plant Protection Products proposal.

e-nema GmbH, Friday, 24.06.2022

IBMA welcomes the first EU wide definition of biological control and setting national biocontrol targets to deliver on the EU Green deal ambition.

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Press Conference of the Microbial Plant Protection Products Task Force

e-nema GmbH, Thursday, 12.05.2022

The Microbial Plant Protection Products Task Force is an ad-hoc group of a number of small and medium-sized producers of biological/microbial plant protection products. Their products are key for the greening of Europe's agriculture. But access to the European market takes up to 8 years and much funding due to outdated regulations.

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nemamax® - Sustainable protection for your plants

e-nema GmbH, Monday, 21.02.2022

nemamax® is based on beneficial nematodes and effectively controls weevil larvae and leaf horn weevil larvae.

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e-nema GmbH, Thursday, 10.02.2022

The IBMA (International Biocontrol Manufactors Association) has drafted
a position paper on potential harmonisation of regulation of Invertebrate Biological Control Agents.

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Youth survey – Change wanted

e-nema GmbH, Monday, 24.01.2022

Young people in Germany are calling on politicians to provide more support for organic farming.

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New Research Project: Nema-Sens

e-nema GmbH, Friday, 17.12.2021

Our application for project funding from the Federal Office for Agriculture and Food has been approved. The objective of the new Nema-Sens research project is to define the optimal application conditions for the above-ground use of nematode insect pathogens against codling moths and tomato leafminers.

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Biological pest control - what is it?

e-nema GmbH, Friday, 26.11.2021

Biological control (or ‘biocontrol’) is the use of living organisms and naturally-sourced (or nature-identical) compounds to control pest and disease populations.

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Microbiological Plant Protection Task Force - Position Paper -

e-nema GmbH, Wednesday, 03.11.2021

In May 2021, when the few microbiological plant protection products that are already available on the market were threatened with removal, the affected companies (including e-nema GmbH) established a Task Force.
The problem: Despite the fact that the products have been classified as safe by the European Commission, an approval extension requires delivery of data that is typical for chemical products but which is difficult or even impossible for biological products to make available.

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CABI BioProtection Portal launched in Hungary

e-nema GmbH, Monday, 17.05.2021

CABI is an international not-for-profit organization that improves people’s lives by providing information and applying scientific expertise to solve problems in agriculture and the environment.

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Available: CABI Biopesticide Portal

e-nema GmbH, Monday, 10.05.2021

A free tool to enhance the awareness and uptake of biopesticide and biocontrol products by growers and advisors.

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Entomopathogenic nematodes for fruit-fly control

e-nema GmbH, Tuesday, 30.03.2021

The EU-funded research project FF-IPM has the aim to protect fruit production and trade from threats posed by fruit flies.

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Biocontrol of Oak processionary moth

e-nema GmbH, Tuesday, 16.03.2021

Infestations with this pest can cause oak defoliation. Older larvae have urticating hairs, which can cause serious skin and eye irritation and respiratory problems in humans and some animals. Our product Tp-Nema® controls caterpillars of the Oak processionary moth.

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Protecting a medical cannabis crop with beneficial nematodes

e-nema GmbH, Tuesday, 16.02.2021

“Protecting a medical cannabis crop from harmful pathogens is one of the biggest challenges that growers face on a daily basis. The impossibility to use any chemical crop protection, in addition to the necessity to ensure high-quality consistently, makes it a hard task.

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Discover the world’s natural pest control solutions

e-nema GmbH, Wednesday, 06.01.2021

The CABI BioProtection Portal is a free web-based online resource aimed at raising the awareness and uptake of biocontrol and biopesticide products by growers and advisors.

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e-nema GmbH, Thursday, 17.12.2020

We will remember 2020 as an extraordinary year. The pandemic has grounded us and reminded us on our dependencies; on each other and on our natural environment.

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FF-IPM Press Release

e-nema GmbH, Friday, 04.12.2020

Closer to Rapid detection of Fruit flies invading Europe’s crops

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A Successful Breeding Approach to Improving a Nematode Biocontrol Agent

e-nema GmbH, Friday, 27.11.2020

A research group at e-nema GmbH in Germany has succeeded in optimizing beneficial traits of the nematode Heterorhabditis bacteriophora.

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e-nema GmbH, Tuesday, 17.11.2020

Our beneficial nematodes do their best in professional mushroom cultivation.

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Visionary in microbiome research

e-nema GmbH, Monday, 28.09.2020

Gabriele Berg, professor at the Graz University of Technology, gave the e-nema staff an insight into her extraordinary field of research.

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e-nema GmbH, Wednesday, 05.02.2020

We have recently strengthened our sales team to expand our business with our national and international sales partners: Hannes Popken will help our customers to be even more successful in the future and will also ensure new, innovative product developments.

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New product nemamax®

e-nema GmbH, Monday, 27.01.2020

nemamax® - biocontrol of larvae of weevils and scarab beetles with entomopathogenic nematodes.

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MoPlaSa: Nematodes against the seabuckthorn fruit fly

e-nema GmbH, Wednesday, 22.01.2020

The seabuckthorn vitamin C bomb is at great risk. Especially in the east of Germany there are high losses due to the ever-expanding seabuckthorn fruit fly (Rhagoletis batava).

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Global warming: New species of fruit fly threaten fruit cultivation

e-nema GmbH, Friday, 29.11.2019

e-nema GmbH is one of 21 partners in the European research project Fruit-Flies In-silico , called ‘FF IPM’.

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Trees against climate change

e-nema GmbH, Tuesday, 27.08.2019

Our Beach Volleyball Team Lars Flüggen & Nils Ehlers has a problem with too much flights. But for the big dream - The Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020 - there is no other opportunity than flying around the world to play all the important tournaments.

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Silver medalist

e-nema GmbH, Wednesday, 31.07.2019

Our beach volleyball-team Ehlers / Flüggen wins the silver medal.
Great overall result for the German beach volleyball national teams at the 4-star tournament in Tokyo, which was also considered the Olympic test event for 2020.

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Opening ceremony in the Netherlands

e-nema GmbH, Friday, 07.06.2019

Sabrina Sieger and Michael Barth accepted an invitation from Lambert Spawn and traveled to the Netherlands for the opening ceremony of this large American mushroom brood producer.

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Highly effective biocontrol technology

Simone Sander, Thursday, 27.09.2018

In the latest edition of New Ag International magazine, a publication on high tech agriculture, Prof. Ehlers (e-nema GmbH) gave an interview on the potential of useful nematodes in biological crop protection.

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Corn rootworm spreads in maize cultivation

Simone Sander, Wednesday, 05.09.2018

The corn rootworm (lat. Diabrotica virgifera) is an introduced beetle, which is increasingly becoming a threat as a pest in maize cultivation (2017: + 350% in Baden-Württemberg, a region in Germany).

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Innovative Measuring System “Sens-o-Spheres” for use in bioreactors awarded

Karen Duncker, Wednesday, 28.02.2018

Last fall, the project “Sens-o-Spheres” was awarded the Technology Transfer Trophy (T³).

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Molecular biotechnology: research fields, innovative use and career opportunities

Karen Duncker, Monday, 22.01.2018

Under this excursion topic, master students of the University of Osnabrueck (Germay) visited our company and took part of a lecture and a guided tour with Professor Ralf-Udo Ehlers, e-nema GmbH. The excursion was organized and led by Professor Hildgund Schrempf, geneticist at the University of Osnabrueck.

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Genetics for trait improvement of EPN

Karen Duncker, Tuesday, 05.12.2017

The entomopathogenic nematode (EPN) Heterorhabditis bacteriophora is a BCA for insect pests widely used in greenhouse-environments and orchards. Industrially, this EPN is produced in liquid culture in large bioreactors and is delivered to the end- user as powder-formulated product.

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New aerial video of our construction site

Karen Duncker, Wednesday, 22.11.2017

Our new buildings will be ready soon. Our inner courtyard has been designed and additional buildings have been raised. The video shows aerial views of the construction site and a 3D simulation of our future production facility.

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ABIM - The global biocontrol industry meeting

Karen Duncker, Friday, 20.10.2017

ABIM - 23. - 25. October 2017 at Basel - is the premier global meeting for the biocontrol industry. Like every year, e-nema GmbH will be represented there with a stand at the exhibition.

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Masters successfully finished

Karen Duncker, Tuesday, 10.10.2017

As every year, students of the University of Ghent got the opportunity to write their master theses at e-nema GmbH.

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A look ahead into the future - our new buildings

Karen Duncker, Monday, 28.08.2017

The expansion of our company is going on. The new big bioreactors for production of microorganisms and nematodes are mounted, now new buildings for preparation, harvest, drying and storage are raised.

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We completed our Sales Team

Karen Duncker, Tuesday, 27.06.2017

Recently we completed our Sales Team to expand our business with national and international distributors. Sabrina Sieger and Jan Burmeister will manage sales and distribution in close co-operation with international partners and will support also development of new, innovative products.

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e-nema visible from far away

Karen Duncker, Thursday, 01.06.2017

e-nema GmbH is now visible also from far away! Sky-high our company logo was recently mounted to our biggest building.

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International assistance for our research projects

Karen Duncker, Wednesday, 15.02.2017

Every year e-nema GmbH supports young scientists from all over the world during their studies. The students, primarily from the universities of Kiel and Ghent stay for 6 month to gain deep insight into the areas of microbiology, biotechnology and nematology.

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YouTube-Channel "e-nema biotech"

Karen Duncker, Monday, 02.01.2017

On YouTube there is a channel called „e-nema biotech“ where we established different playlists. Here you can find interesting videos on the subjects of practical application of nematodes, the expansion of our company and science videos about biocontrol.

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We are hiring: Senior Sales Manager (f/m)

Karen Duncker, Wednesday, 14.12.2016

Biological revolution in plant protection: Join us to further grow in our biocontrol market as Senior Sales Manager (f/m) for distribution of our unique, advisory-intensive biocontrol product line to our international partners.

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e-nema GmbH becomes finalist 2016 in competition for a big economy award for german-medium-sized Companies

Karen Duncker, Monday, 12.09.2016

We are very proud! The award belongs to the most prestigious german economy awards.

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Hello and welcome!

Dirk Jende-Holzmann, Wednesday, 26.06.2013

We hope you enjoy exploring our new site. We've got lots of new updates for you, plus the design is a lot clearer. You'll also find us on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter – so it's even easier for you to get in touch with us.

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