Biocontrol in space!

e-nema GmbH, Tuesday, 10.12.2019

On Thursday, 05 December 2019, nematodes of the species Steinernema feltiae were sent to the International Space Station ISS for a biocontrol research project.

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ESN (European Society of Nematologists) Conference in Ghent

Simone Sander, Monday, 10.09.2018

Currently the symposium of the ESN takes place in Ghent (Belgium).
The ESN is the association of european nematologists. (Nematology = scientific discipline that deals with the study of roundworms). ESN’s president is Prof. Dr. Ralf-Udo Ehlers (e-nema GmbH).

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Master students from the University of Ghent

Karen Duncker, Thursday, 08.02.2018

Until September of this year, some students of the subject "Nematology" of the University of Ghent (Belgium) will write their master's theses at e-nema.

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Organic agriculture and feeding the world

Karen Duncker, Friday, 17.11.2017

Sustainable agriculture is only possible in combination with consumption - but then there are promising opportunities. Organic agriculture can play a central role here.

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German Federal Ministry of Education and Research supports e-nema project

Karen Duncker, Tuesday, 25.07.2017

Our research project Nema-SMART will be supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research for 3 years.

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Nematodes against european leaf miner in chinese leaf

Karen Duncker, Tuesday, 04.07.2017

In springtime we got a call from a leader of the European Chinese Leaf market. The European leaf miner (Scaptomyza flava) had attacked wide areas of his Chinese Leaf fields.

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e-nema takes part in development of a new monitoring system for bioreactors

Karen Duncker, Tuesday, 02.05.2017

Dr. Arne Peters and his production team are testing a new, free-moving pea-size measuring bead under industrial conditions in their bioreactors.
e-nema is project partner and industry tester in the project Sens-o-Spheres, a project from the area of bio-economy.

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Working group Conference “Biological Plant Protection” at e-nema GmbH

Karen Duncker, Wednesday, 29.03.2017

This year the annual working group conference “Biological Plant Protection” of the “German Scientific Society of Plant Protection and Plant Health” took place at e-nema GmbH in Schwentinental (Germany).

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Resolution on low-risk pesticides of biological origin

Karen Duncker, Monday, 13.03.2017

"On 15 February 2017, the European Parliament adopted the Motion for a Resolution on faster access to the European market for biological low-risk pesticides during its plenary session in Strasbourg."

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Aerial view of the construction of new bioreactors

Karen Duncker, Wednesday, 07.12.2016

The expansion of our production site is going on. The new bioreactors are mounted, next time new buildings will be added. The following video shows aerial views of our construction area and a 3D simulation of the final production site.

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New fermenters for the e-nema GmbH

, Wednesday, 03.08.2016

Investment for the Future: The constant growth of our company is going on. We just build several new big bioreactors.

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2nd BIOCOMES annual meeting

Michael Barth, Wednesday, 11.11.2015

The second BIOCOMES annual meeting took place at e-nema from the 4th till the 6th of November 2015. BIOCOMES is supported by the EU with nine million Euro for the development of eleven new products against plant-damaging insects and fungal diseases.

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Research for greater biological control

Ralf-Udo Ehlers, Friday, 14.02.2014

e-nema GmbH is a member of a further extensive research project called BIOCOMES. This project aims to develop new biological plant protection agents to combat a host of key plant pests and diseases.

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Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting

Dirk Jende-Holzmann, Thursday, 17.10.2013

e-nema GmbH is going to attend the Annnual Biocontrol Industry Meeting and discuss modern developments on the global market of biological plant protection in Basel on 21-23 October 2013.

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