Use of nematodes in mushroom cultivation

In April, an exhibition of professional mushroom breeders and their suppliers took place in Moscow. Participants came from Russia, Holland, China, Hungary, Belarus and Poland. On the agenda were lectures and an industrial exhibition.


e-nema GmbH was represented by Michael Barth, our specialist for use of nematodes against sciarids in professional mushroom cultivation and product manager for our nematode product nemycel®.

2019 MB auf den russischen Pilztagen6

Substantial damage in mushroom cultures

Sciarid flies are the most damaging insect pest in commercial mushroom production.

Larvae cause yield loss of up to 40% and can impact quality rating.
Occurrence of adults in pre-packed mushrooms can cause rejection by retailers.

These small black flies spread fungal spores and mites and can be a nuisance for picking stuff.

The short life cycle together with the high propagation rate can lead to extreme increases in fly numbers. Flies develop resistance to chemicals within a short period of time. Our product nemycel® provides the perfect solution, since resistance development to entomopathogenic nematodes is not possible.

The product has been established in professional mushroom cultivation for many years.
nemycel® contains useful nematodes of the species Steinernema feltiae, a naturally occurring nematode.

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