Waste heat of bioreactors becomes heating energy

e-nema GmbH makes a contribution to climate protection and provides the waste heat from its bioreactors to a neighboring Trade and Technology Center (GTZ) in Schwentinental as heating energy.

At the beginning of next year, the GTZ will be completely heated with the waste heat from our production by a district heating network. At the moment, we are significantly expanding our capacities. With the newly installed bioreactors (total 500,000 liters) our production will increase sixfold and produce a lot of energy.


Bioreactor. Photo: K-film, Michael Kottmeier

Our managing director Tillmann Frank: "We hold environment protection near and dear, so sensible energy management and the use of waste heat was a logical step." A partner was quickly found: A neighboring agency was looking for an innovative solution for an old heating system. With this partnership the agency also wants to create a showcase project for the whole country.

Tillmann Frank

Tillmann Frank, Managing Director of e-nema GmbH

The expansion of the network involves a great deal of expense.
"We have done great advance payment because we pursue sustainability.” explains Tillmann Frank. In addition, e-nema GmbH wants to set a sign to make other companies also think about innovative sustainable solutions.