You will not be able to contact us on Tuesday 15. April 2014


Dear partners, friends and customers! Our enterprise is changing continuously: The team is growing, new and bigger bioreactors have been installed, further equipment and processing plants widen our service potential. For almost everything, however, we need electricity and we have now reached the limit of the current capacity of the power supply to the building.

To further develop our production possibilities, we need to shut-down the complete power supply so it can be re-installed and adjusted to our future need. This will happen on Tuesday 15. April 2014. Everything will be shut down that day and you will not be able to contact us; not by phone, fax or by e-mail. We cannot deliver any goods on that day either.

We will more or less readopt our normal activities on Wednesday 16th and you can contact us as usual. Everything should be back to normal on Thursday and we can serve you with full power.

Tillmann Frank