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As a professional user, you need practical solutions that work – for large areas, too.

Here you can find out more about what has proven itself in professional practice both here and abroad.

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We are a highly innovative biotech company focusing on liquid cultivation.

Our expertise enables us to answer our customers' wide-ranging questions from process development to industrial-scale bioreactor production.

Our solutions

nematop® Käfer-Stopp (Weevil-Stop)

Patented trap for adult vine weevils

The unique method of controlling adult vine weevils. Biological, effective and sustainable. Just place the trap below the affected plants. Beetles that hide during the day under the trap become infected with nematodes and die within a few days.

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ESN (European Society of Nematologists) Conference in Ghent

Currently the symposium of the ESN takes place in Ghent (Belgium).
The ESN is the association of european nematologists. (Nematology = scientific discipline that deals with the study of roundworms). ESN’s president is Prof. Dr. Ralf-Udo Ehlers (e-nema GmbH).

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