Bioprocesses tap into the vast power and potential of nature. Some of this knowledge has been around for hundreds of years. A good example is the use of yeast in beer brewing or baking. Today, biotechnological research is conducted in many fields, like stem cell research and the development of alternative fuels. One of the most fascinating areas of application is one of our core competencies here at e-nema: biological pest control with natural organisms. The main processes we employ are the production of nematodes and microorganisms inside our bioreactors as well as biocatalysis to extract specific substances.

Contract fermentation

Your flexible production partner

We have the knowledge, skills, experience, and the necessary hardware required to produce your specific organisms or extracts. Our highly qualified staff can rely on the combined experience from more than three decades of biotechnological research and production and our bioreactors in different shapes and sizes can handle any task.

In other words: We are your highly professional production partner for fermentation processes.


Innovative and pragmatic

Everything starts with an idea. Together with you, our client, we take that idea, develop a product, and turn the product into a marketable solution. The same applies to our production processes: we coordinate, plan, and roll out our products in cooperation with our clients. 

In this process, we can rely on both the skills and knowledge of our own research department and a large scientific network. We are a member of the research cluster Biokatalyse 2021, a partner of the Universities of Kiel and Flensburg and an important player in the biotech scene. Scientific innovation is an important aspect of our work - but implementation and feasibility are just as important. We assess the scalability of every approach early on. The result are innovative solutions that really pay off.


Process development

Powerful, tried and tested

We process your order with our powerful equipment. We have bioreactors with different stirring systems and capacities, but also sieving machines, separators, various filtering systems and different freeze, spray, and fluid bed dryers with granulators. For sensitive products we have large cooling chambers. Our microbiological research lab features the usual analytical systems (HPLC, GC, photometer, luminometer and image-processing microscopes). We use these tools to analyze, do quality assurance and continue our scientific development.


Practical application is key

The areas of application of the microorganism products and processes we develop are as versatile as the microcultures themselves. Here are some examples of solutions we developed with and for our clients.

Examples of application in biological plant protection

  • Production of bacterial suspensions for outdoor tests on strawberries
  • Production development for nematodes for natural snail repellent
  • Optimized production of conidia (spores) of fungi in submersion culture
  • Modeling of a new organic insecticide for honeycomb moth control (Mellonex®)
  • Updating and completing the production of nematodes for experiments with peanuts

Examples of application for feed additives

  • Production of types of bacillus bacteria for water treatment in open aquaculture systems
  • Production of probiotic bacteria for stabilizing the gut flora and maintaining the health of farm animals

Examples of application for biocatalysis

  • Biotechnical production of a tanning agent by means of bacterial oxidation
  • Production of cinnamic acid through whole-cell biotransformation of L-phenylalanine (Biokatalyse 2021 research cluster, project 23)  


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