Beneficials from nature thanks to biotechnology

Biotechnological processes rely on the powers and potential that nature provides us with. Some of these potentials have been used for many hundreds of years, for example in beer brewing or baking with yeast fungi.

One of the most fascinating areas of application is the use of biological organisms in biocontrol, including the use of natural enemies against pests.


We produce natural enemies of harmful insects - beneficial nematodes - using biotechnological processes. In large bioreactors, we simulate the conditions in the insect under which the nematodes would reproduce in nature. In our bioreactors, nematodes and their symbiotic bacteria grow in a sterile environment.


In further process steps, the nematodes are extracted from their fermentation broth and processed into products ready for storage and use.

Mode of action

The finished products are sent by post to the user, where the nematodes begin their valuable work immediately after application:

1 - Nematodes actively search for insect larvae and penetrate them through natural openings.
2 - Bacteria are released and multiply: the larva dies.
3 - Nematodes feed on the bacteria, grow and multiply.
4 - Thousands of young nematodes leave the dead larva and search for new larvae

Nematodes from e-nema

- 100% organic
- Targeted and sustainable effect
- No residues
- Nematodes directly from the manufacturer
- Made in Germany