Biocontrol methods - everything but chemicals

In addition to the use of beneficials and microorganisms, there are other methods that are used in biocontrol. These include traps, biological pesticides, oils & salts, soil additives, confusion techniques, nets, sterile insects and plant strengthening agents.


Biological traps attract pests with the help of bait liquids, fragrances or pheromones. For example, bait liquid with a raspberry scent can lure the harmful raspberry beetle into the trap. Plant scents can also be used to lure garden beetles into a specially designed trap.

Soil additives

These substances have a positive influence on the biological, chemical and physical properties of the soil and thus indirectly on the growth conditions and vitality of the plants.

Plant strengthening agents made from natural substances

These agents are also known as biostimulants and make plants more resistant to environmental conditions such as drought, high temperatures or stress and also strengthen plant growth. One example is extracts from brown algae.

Biological plant protection products

Plant extracts, e.g. from citrus fruits, algae extracts or shells from crustaceans activate the plants' defenses against harmful fungi.

Oils and salts

Natural oils and salts can also be used against pests. Kerosene oils, for example, cause spider mite eggs to die and potassium salt is used in fruit growing to dry out aphids.

Sterile insect technique

Mass-bred, sterile insects are released in the application area so that they mate with fertile females, which then lay sterile eggs. This reduces the population of offspring. In 1997, for example, the tsetse fly was eradicated on the island of Zanzibar.

Confusion technique

 The application of sex pheromones to orchards confuses male insect pests to such an extent that they can no longer find the females, thus preventing these pests from reproducing.

Nets and glue rings

Nets are used in fruit and vegetable cultivation to keep harmful insects away from the plants. For example, fruit maggots in apple cultivation or carrot flies in vegetable cultivation.

Glue rings are wrapped around the trunks of fruit trees to prevent the flightless females of the frost moth (harmful butterfly) from migrating up the trunk. This prevents mating and egg laying.