Biological control on seeds will play a key role in future agriculture

Partners of the project ‘Changing the system of seed health: an initiative of industry and research towards a paradigm shift’, co-financed by the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, met on 6 July 2023 at e-nema to discuss the achieved results and to visit the e-nema facilities.

Biological control on seeds will play a key role in future agriculture. Seeds and seedlings need to be protected against pathogenic fungi or bacteria. The role of the seed microbiome and the technology needed to develop robust biological control on seeds is the focus of a joint project of seven companies of the seed supply chain - Bejo Seeds, CN Seeds, DLF, Germains Seed technology, Nunhems, Pop Vriend, and Sakata Vegetables - plus e-nema and Wageningen University & Research.

This joint project will support the seed upply chain to decide on appropriate routes during specific seed production and seed processing steps to implement the paradigm shift needed to ensure seed health through beneficial micro-organisms. The provided knowledge on the role of the seed microbiome will be the scientific base to develop methods to steer the seed microbiome and to develop new biocontrol agents for applications on seeds. It will result in new solutions on microbially buffered seeds and allow the establishment of robust crops in emission-free production chains.

Text: Dr. Jurgen Kohl (Wageningen University & Research)


International Partners of the project “Seed Health” met to discuss achieved results.
Photo: M.Wollesen (e-nema GmbH)