e-nema at North German Fruit Growing Fair

Photo: Ulrich Tiemann (Sales Manger) and Dr. Bart Vandenbossche (Research and Development) provided information on the use of beneficial nematodes at a North German Fruit Growing Fair.


The fruit growing fair "Norddeutsche Obstbautage" attracts several hundred exhibitors and several thousand trade visitors to North Germany every year in February.

This was also the case for our colleagues Ulrich Tiemann and Dr. Bart Vandenbossche, who presented the use of beneficial nematodes in fruit growing at an e-nema booth.

The main focus was on codling moth (Cydia pomonella). Their larvae are among the most important pests in apple growing. With our product nemapom® this pest can be successfully controlled.
Another major problem are Black vine weevils (Otiorhynchus sulcatus) in strawberry cultivation. Here, too, our two experts were able to offer a solution with the products nemamax® and nematop®.

In addition, Dr. Vandenbossche presented his current research project Nema-Sens. The aim of this project is to define optimal application conditions for the above-ground use of insect-pathogenic nematodes e.g. against codling moth.

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