e-nema develops new innovative nematode formulation

For over 25 years, the company e-nema from Schwentinental in northern Germany has been producing entomopathogenic nematodes for biological plant protection. Nematodes are tiny, approx. 0.5 mm long threadworms and, with over 20,000 different species, are among the most widespread organisms on earth. Some of these species specialise in controlling harmful insects and this is exactly where e-nema GmbH comes in. It produces 5 different nematode species in so-called bioreactors. The nematodes grow and multiply in these reactors until they are ready for harvesting.

So that the nematodes can be transported to users all over the world, they have to be mixed with a carrier material. e-nema currently offers its nematode products in three different formulations.

e-nema predominantly uses diatomaceous earth in the formulation. This is a naturally occurring powder made from the shells of fossilised diatoms, which binds water and is well suited as a carrier medium for nematodes. One disadvantage of diatomaceous earth, however, is that optical residues can remain on the leaves of the treated plants. These are absolutely harmless, but are a disadvantage for ornamental plant cultivation and some other plant cultures.

The previous solution was a gel formulation based on polyacrylate. The tiny synthetic polymers can bind a lot of water and make it an excellent carrier material for nematodes. The disadvantage of this formulation is that parts of these small polymers remain in the soil. This prompted e-nema to look for a new formulation that is both organic and leaves no residue on plants or in the soil.

After intensive research and various approaches, e-nema is proud to present its new Ecophyll formulation. Ecophyll is made from 100% organic and renewable resources and leaves no residue. Ecophyll dissolves very well in water and can be shipped with less packaging material. Ecophyll will be available in our product nemaflor® F from April 2024. In parallel, extensive tests are being carried out in the field to evaluate the performance of Ecophyll in other products and crops.

„Our aim is to maximise the positive effects of our products along the entire value chain. This starts with the resources used to produce the nematodes and ends with the plants on which they are applied. With our Ecophyll formulation, we have taken a further step towards plant protection in harmony with nature.“ - Tillmann Frank, CEO e-nema GmbH


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