Extracurricular place of learning

Photo: Dr. Bart Vandenbossche explains to students our weather station on the apple orchard of „Obstquelle“ in Schwentinental (Germany).


The Schleswig-Holstein Ministry of Agriculture (Germany) and the Europe-University of Flensburg (Germany) have launched the Education Offensive for Agriculture, Food and Consumer Protection. We at e-nema are already helping to shape this initiative and will ultimately offer our company as an extracurricular place of learning. 

The aim is to introduce pupils to the topic of sustainability in agriculture and food . Educational offers are to be created that are integrated into the classroom by the teachers and implemented in the company's place of learning. 

A comprehensive educational catalogue is in the works, from which teachers can select appropriate educational offers for their subject lessons. This catalogue will also include e-nema GmbH.

We have already made a good start: This summer, our scientist Dr. Bart Vandenbossche explained our current research project Nema-Sens to a group of students on the apple orchard of “Obstquelle“ in Schwentinental (Germany).  The aim of the project is to define optimal application conditions for the use of beneficial nematodes against codling moths. The overarching goal is an advisory service that uses weather forecasts to help fruit growers and hobby gardeners decide on the best time to control codling moth with beneficial nematodes.