Press Release IBMA - March 2024


Lengthy Authorisation Processes Threatening Biocontrol Innovations, Farmer Competitiveness & Food System Transformation

IBMA Calls for Policies that Accelerate the Uptake of Biocontrol

Farmers have been slowly reducing the use of chemical pesticides across Europe since 2011 without sufficient access to alternative Plant Protection Products such as biocontrol. This is endangering productivity, generational renewal, and food system transformation. Addressing farmers' concerns are a priority as Europe prepares for Elections in June. IBMA calls on the next political leadership to ensure fast access to biocontrol while ensuring safety for farmers, consumers and the environment. 

While the Green Deal aims to minimise the use and risk of chemical pesticides, farmers still need to control pests and diseases although their toolbox is lacking solutions to do so sustainably. 

Biocontrol can fill the gap within a holistic approach, working alone, in Integrated Pest Management and in programmes with chemical pesticides but lengthy authorisation processes for biocontrol are putting European farmers at a disadvantage. 

Therefore IBMA Global calls on the next political leadership of the European Commission to ensure fast access to biocontrol solutions while ensuring safety for farmers, consumers and the environment by providing for an EU wide definition of biocontrol and:

  • Targeted changes to Regulation No 1107/2009 to grant faster market access to biocontrol products

  • Dedicated legislation for biocontrol

  • A new legislative package providing farmers with a comprehensive toolbox including alternatives such as biocontrol

Controlling pests and diseases is part of farming reality. Millions of farmers using biocontrol can speak for its effectiveness in all agricultural programs and systems. It targets the problem directly, does not harm the crop, works against pest resistance, and leaves no residue.  

Speeding up farmer acess to biocontrol solutions will ensure their competitiveness and play a key role in transforming food systems. Lands need it. Farmers want it. Consumers demand it.



International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association