Webinar: Nematodes for biocontrol of the Mediterranean Fruit-fly

Fruit flies are the most common harmful pest in fruit and vegetables supply chain.
They are challenging fruit production and trading at all levels from the orchard to the groceries selves. In addition, new tropical species are increasingly entering the EU.

The FF IPM project is looking for suitable protection and control measures for the affected industry. e-nema GmbH has extensive experience with entomopathogenic nematodes and is partner in this project.
Dr. Arne Peters (Research + Development Manager at e-nema GmbH) held an interesting webinar on the topic " Nematodes for biocontrol of the Mediterranean Fruit-fly ". (June 2023, english language, duration 01:08:06).
He gives an insight into the world of entomopathogenic nematodes and describes their potential for biocontrol of Mediterranean fruit flies.


Click here for the webinar


FF IPM: A European research project for the protection of fruit production + trade threats posed by fruit flies